Bathroom: a changing decor!

Bathroom: a changing decor!

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Tired of bathrooms that all look the same? It's up to you to bring originality into your room for a truly personal decoration that will put you in a good mood in the morning. We have found 10 ideas to adopt at home for a touch of originality.

A bathroom from another time

Maisons du monde What if your bathroom turns back to play a rustic touch? At Maisons du monde, you will find everything you need to create a firm chic bathroom with rustic wooden furniture and copper sinks.

A castle-style bathroom

Maisons du monde Don't you like the rustic? Instead, bet on the very refined style of a Marie-Antoinette-style bathroom with a precious-looking washbasin cabinet and very feminine small accessories.

The technicolor bathroom

Villeroy and Boch Do you find the bathrooms generally sad? Not if you opt for a life in technicolor with objects that play the card of multiple colors like the carpet, the coat hooks or the clock like smarties that are displayed with a very red wall.

The minimalist bathroom

Inda You, what you don't like in the bathroom, is the vanity unit that you generally find too bulky. No worries, you can also opt for a bathroom refined to the extreme with only a very simple plan that accommodates your sink.

The bathroom with original colors

Sanijura Do you want a bathroom that is anything but sad? Do not hesitate to mix several colors in a color block way to create a very original and above all very personal decor.

The pixelated bathroom

Leroy Merlin Do you love computers and see life in the form of pixels? Know that you can reproduce this spirit in your bathroom by opting for tiles of different colors.

Original sinks

Porcelanosa For an original touch at the washbasins, drop the designer washbasins and pedestal washbasins and treat yourself not to a washbasin but to three by choosing models with original shapes and above all choosing three different colors.

The retro bathroom

Ferm Living You don't care about bathroom comfort because you just want it to go to the basics. So, you can opt for a retro bathroom with a simple sink and a bathtub that you will accessorize with retro geometric patterns.

The girly bathroom

Castorama Do you want a girly bathroom but want to avoid pink? Then bet on a brilliant decoration with mirror effects. The must ? Mirror tiling to adorn the formwork of the bathtub and make it a very chic setting.