10 graphic floor coverings to energize the atmosphere

10 graphic floor coverings to energize the atmosphere

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Floor coverings set the tone for our interiors. Waxed concrete, parquet, tiles, cement tiles or vinyl, alone they are able to bring character to a space, give it allure and create a special atmosphere that will adapt to the style of your decoration. Zoom on ten graphic floor coverings as original as they are trendy.


Conforama Cement tiles have a new look and become a decorative element in their own right in all our interiors. You thought them obsolete, think again! Today they are making a comeback in all of our spaces. Want to bring a touch of originality to your living room, opt for cement tiles with floral patterns. They will have the advantage of bringing well-being and serenity thanks to their fresh colors.

Sea side

Gerflor If you're tired of common, characterless floors and love seaside style, this is the floor for you! With its variations of light blue, beige and brown, this vinyl floor imitation aged parquet will bring character and a refreshing and exotic touch to your interior.

Imitation leather

QuadroLegno Decorate your living room with elegance and originality thanks to the QuadroLegno Elite Graphic parquet. Its imitation leather finish will bring an ethnic, warm and cozy touch to your living room.


Porcelanosa Tired of your traditional soil? Spice up your interior and bet on originality with this singular floor covering with variable geometry. Very graphic patterns that will bring a touch of dynamism to a sober and refined living room.


Kreoo The original coatings are not only intended for our interiors. Like this stylized and graphic floor, they also lend themselves perfectly to all our exteriors and bring to them alone a touch of originality of the most appreciable.


FR 66 No need to present the Bourroulec Brothers, a tandem of shock in the world of design. They have indeed known, in more than a decade, to assert themselves as a reference thanks to their original creations. This duo returns to us today with a tiling, certainly neutral but which is distinguished by its work of punching on white circles which, associated, form an extraordinary ground.


Berti Pavimenti Legno Let your interior travel with this stylized wooden parquet which elegantly incorporates the codes of African decoration. A bath of warm colors and geometric patterns that will instantly create a warm atmosphere in your living room.


Bardelli Personalize and give style to your interior thanks to the Minoo tiles seen on the Bardelli website. Thanks to its delicate and discreet small floral patterns made in screen printing, it will bring a refreshing touch to all your spaces.


Leroy Merlin With its print that perfectly imitates the small pebbles found on the seaside, this PVC floor covering signed Leroy Merlin will most naturally bring an authentic touch to your bathroom. Guaranteed escape!


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