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10 decorative wishes for my wedding

10 decorative wishes for my wedding

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As we slipped into the shoes of a future bride, we retained 10 decorative desires - romantic, festive - that she could desire above all on D-Day. An "special wedding" inventory to dream even when we are in reality , in the shoes of the guests.

Creativity for the festive table

Ikea The second wish for the day of the ceremony? A decor full of creativity in order to cause surprise and mark the spirits.

Festive garlands

Ikéa In addition to the disc jockey, music and lights, some basic decorative accessories allow you to create a real party atmosphere. Garlands for example! Hanging from one end of the room to the other or the garden, they create enchantment.

A very chic buffet

Ikéa Which is the most beautiful? Exceptional dishes or a selection of sweet treats? Both ! Immaculate white, this special snack buffet or special dessert already makes us dream.

A romantic suite

Ikea A suite for the bride and groom please! Bouquet of flowers, romantic setting, soft and silky materials: this is a space where it is good to curl up for a date as special as that of a wedding…

Well-kept details

Ikea Dragees wrapped in tulle, cutlery wrapped in a necklace of stars: details that make the difference on a wedding day. They are the ones who create the magic and make the wedding unforgettable.

A one-on-one aperitif

Ikéa A small glass of champagne accompanied by strawberries, which is brought to the bride and groom in their room, is what allows them to toast in complete privacy and elegance for their future life together.

An outdoor wedding

Ikéa How many newlyweds dream of celebrating their union outdoors? In a nicely planted garden or on a terrace furnished with white, the wedding is chic and natural.

Pretty dishes

Ferm Living Wine of honor, meal, dinner ... to celebrate the wedding in the rules of the art, we prefer, if possible, beautiful dishes ...

High fashion materials

Ikéa It is not of this room that we dream of for a wedding, but of its textiles. Lace, it will necessarily be necessary to dress chairs, windows, tables, and bring them a touch of softness and elegance.


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