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Which light fixtures to choose for a teenage bedroom?

Which light fixtures to choose for a teenage bedroom?

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Ceiling lamps to light the entire room


Thelighting of a teenage bedroom is essential: yes, it is well known, adolescents love to spend hours and hours locked in their sanctuary. And since they don't just play the console or send text messages to their friends but a little more important things like their homework, it is important that the room of a teenager includes at least one ceiling light capable of properly lighting the entire room.

And there, you will be spoiled for choice depending on the style of your teenager's room:

  • Paper balls for a girly and romantic style (do not hesitate to multiply the lanterns and choose them of different sizes and shapes for a nice effect).
  • A designer lamp to give character to the room;
  • Suspensions that consist of giant bulbs that cluster in the room. Playful and colorful spirit guaranteed for an original decor full of pep's!
  • A pendant lamp with classic lampshade for a simple but effective style or a more worked lampshade (in wood, feathers, etc.)…

If your teenager is not overly ceilinged or does not want suspension or from chandelier in his room, know that you can also opt for pretty wall lights. Practical and efficient luminaires, especially if you choose models with dimmers that allow you to adjust the light intensity.

Floor lamps for maximum style


If your teenager has a well-defined decor in his room, the lights in his room must follow! And what could be better than a pretty floor lamp, to be placed in a corner or next to your desk for example, to set the style of the room a little more.

Designers compete in creativity to create teenage bedroom light fixtures 100% stylish, so once again, the hardest part will be to choose: classic tripod floor lamp, floor lamp chrome-plated in an arc for a design side, industrial lamp like workshop, Street lamp like a cinema projector, a simple floor lamp with a fabric shade… it all depends on the style of your teenager's bedroom, once again.

In addition to being elegant and practical, the floor lamps are also interesting in that they give height to the decoration thanks to their verticality.

Small table lamps for maximum effect


If the suspensions and the ceiling lights are used above all to light a room in its entirety, the table lamps have rather a decorative use: often, their power is low, and they represent a light indirect lighting. But that is not to say that they are not stylish! So if you are looking for cool fixtures for a teenage bedroom, don't ignore:

  • The bedside lamps, placed on the floor or on bedside tables. They will allow your teen to read quietly in bed once the ceiling light is turned off.
  • The desk lamps, ideal for illuminating homework and all the brilliant work carried out by your offspring!
  • The classic table lamps, ideal for overcoming the lack of natural light in a room.

Again, there are all sizes, all shapes, all materials, all colors, plain or with patterns, simple or more worked ... it's all about taste!