Change of scenery at the show in 10 lessons

Change of scenery at the show in 10 lessons

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Leaving to propel our irresistible thirst for vacation, travel and change of scenery in the house, as well do it via the central pivot of the house: the living room! Here are 10 tracks, more or less spicy, more or less tropical, more or less ethnic, to follow closely.

With world cushions

Ikea No need to adopt the ethnic trend to travel the living room. The more sober can be satisfied with two globetrotting cushions. On the sofa, these extra worlds will sow like a travel atmosphere…

With a color code "Amazonian land"

Ikéa Immersed in the undergrowth of the tropics thanks to a color code "humus", fern cushions and bushy plants in vases, the living room takes us definitively elsewhere…

With African prints

Ikea From the walls to the cushions, from the plaid to the decorative objects, if the decor is assembled in Africa fashion, easy to transform your apartment into a hut.

With mountain walls

Elitis The Himalayas invite themselves to the living room with a mountainous and sunny wallpaper. Thanks to him, the change of scenery has reached new heights…

With a chic ethnic mix & match style

Ikéa Mix of highly graphic and colorful prints. Yes, in this living room, it is based on fabrics and textiles that the ethnic frenzy has set in, changing the classic into an imminent change of scenery.

With lots of wenge

Ikea To plant a mysterious mood, we multiply the dark wood code endlessly, on the sofa or wenge version on the walls. Thanks to a few clearer keys enhancing the whole by the contrast, easy to slip into the skin of an explorer ... in his living room.

With a "jungle" atmosphere

Ikea The jungle book transcribed in the living room, it gives that. Unlimited green and fern and palm tree patterns, to transport us in no time, in the dense tropical vegetation…

With Berber rugs

Ikea What if we borrowed carpets from the Middle East? The living room could thus fly south and offer a chic oriental trip.

With vegetation

Angelo Huge planter planted at the heart of the coffee table, itself supported by a model a little further: by bringing in tropical and generous vegetation, the living room is part of the exotic trend.