10 very decorative "music" corners

10 very decorative "music" corners

By taking care to set up a beautiful space where to listen to radio, Cds and 33 rpm and / or play our favorite instruments, the music festival is every day! Overview of good decorating ideas to steal.

Headphone storage

Bed & Philosophy Turn a decorative ladder into a storage support for headphones: that's a great idea!

Treasure chest

Ferm Living This musician's trunk is a real treasure chest: inside, their dearest records and vinyls. The ideal? Take out two or three to make them participate in the decor, and thus give it according to the most listened to music register.

Vinyls and wall posters

La Redoute The wall on which the audio speaker is leaning does not intend to remain neutral. By dressing in rock posters and vinyls chosen in the same register, he asserts his favorite musical taste.

Music studio space

Ikéa Behind the lounge area, we isolate a small space using bookcases and shelves to form a music studio out of sight.

Fun storage

Woouf What could be more chic for the music corner than being allotted in fun and offbeat storage? Here, the pocket to store the computer, master of our favorite playlists and hits, for example mimed the appearance of a DJ speaker. We love !

Intimate music corner

Ikéa In continuation of a piece of furniture in the living room or bedroom, there is a pouffe, an armchair or a maximum comfort fireside chair. By embellishing it with a light source and a storage space for headphones and instrument, we are now equipped with a "music" space making a separate room. The idea: play or listen to some notes in complete privacy!

Play button

La Redoute Any follower of self-respecting music has an extra large speaker where you can listen to your favorite sounds thoroughly. And if next, to play the fun and unusual style, we stuck a series of stickers forming the sound buttons "play", "stop", "pause"?

Decorative record player

Purpose Vintage is fashionable, and since you love music, why not turn a vintage record player into a decorative collector's item?

Audio cassette sticker

Ferm Living To set the tone in our "music" space, we flashed on this chic retro sticker. The silhouette of an audio cassette which sets up three movements in two stages, a fun, young, graphic and unusual mood.