Different styles for breakfast appliances

Different styles for breakfast appliances

Always there to accompany our awakenings, the small household appliances that follow are sometimes chic, sometimes retro, sometimes tangy. It's up to everyone to choose their favorite style!


Delamaison Chic country style kitchens can rejoice at the sight of this toaster with white dots on a red background. Especially since its XXL format makes it an excellent companion for breakfasts "made in" large families!

Old school

Delamaison A retro centrifuge whose design seems to revisit the "colander" style, in an old school kitchen, we say yes!

Chocolate alarm clock

Ikéa Kettle and coffee cups have spread the word to harmonize the breakfast decor around a chocolate color code. Chic, warm, gourmet and comforting, we validate.

Tutti Frutti

Delamaison The smallest of the "breakfast special appliances" band is him. A space-saving citrus press itself, very tart. How to resist ?

All in transparency

La Redoute On the breakfast table: a transparent kettle through which you can admire the water changing temperatures. Nice as a daily show to enjoy early in the morning!

Green apple

Brandt Renette apples or API apples? Anyway, the breakfast will be apple green: fresh fruit juice in the juicer having concocted it for us!

Homemade bakery

La Redoute The luxury of breakfast is to make your own bread! Quickly, we get carried away for a bread machine, provided we have a little room to store it ...

White white

La Redoute A snow-white centrifuge is ideal for blending into the decor of an immaculate kitchen! It is only at breakfast, when it is time to prepare fresh fruit juices that it stands out like this…


Delamaison A breakfast accessorized with a toaster and a matching teapot is pretty chic! Especially since the chosen pair reveals lines and a refined color as possible. So design.