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10 Ways to Use the Books You Never Thought About

10 Ways to Use the Books You Never Thought About

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After reading, the decor! Gentlemen, books have something to be proud of since in terms of utility conversion, they are very strong in this area. The proof with this inventory of everything you forgot to make them do.

Create an invisible shelf

Fleux Just glue the pages of a book against a square and leave its visible edge at the end to make an invisible shelf. Above it, we put a series of 4 or 5 books, and the illusion is created ... Magic, magic!

Use their pages

AM.PM Period books have potential. Before throwing them out, make sure their pretty illustrations leave you indifferent. Otherwise, quickly make atypical posters to decorate the walls!

Staging them with an open heart

AM.PM Arrange the books horizontally rather than vertically, this is the most original thing you have done in the family library. But there is even better: to stage them by exposing them wide open!

Make them the masters of the decor

Ikea Do you devour books by the dozen? Literary decoration is made for you! To adopt it, it's easy, you just have to remove all of the trinkets from the shelves, and instead slide your books in bulk. Now they are the kings of the decor!

Put them under a bell

AM.PM To make a book an intensely precious object, nothing like putting it under a hood. The effect (chic and romantic) is immediate!

Improvise an unusual shelf

Purpose Against a house wall, easy to build an extra shelf ... with books! Make piles according to the desired style, wise or unstructured, and it is won.

Place them in unlikely places

Starck Sowing surprise in the decor, it seems complicated with simple books. And yet! Placed in places where we do not expect them, they do it brilliantly! Demonstration with these resolutely unusual Starck lamps.

Use them to dress up an accessory

Borgo Delle Tovaglie Come on, we divert old books into decorative accessories: an ottoman, a lamp base ... A well put together idea that deserves to inspire us ...