When the table is inspired by the seaside

When the table is inspired by the seaside

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Do you want a vacation but still have to wait a bit? To help you, why not put your table at summer time by opting for a seaside-inspired decoration that will have its effect throughout the summer. We have found 10 inspirations to help you create your home decor.

Marine-inspired accessories

SIA For your table, consider offering accessories that give style to your decor. We can for example bet on very beautiful vases in shades of blue and we can add small decorative objects that evoke the underwater world.

Winks to the sea

The Collection To refine your decor, consider having a few accessories that wink at the sea like this salt and pepper shaker that take the shape of a small sailboat that will sail on your table.

Sailor spirit

Paragraph To create a seaside effect on your table, you can bet on a color code reminiscent of the sailors. Navy blue, red and white then settle on the dishes.

Blue and white

Alinéa Similarly, you can choose a color code that is content with blue and white for a very natural seaside table. The most of this table: small fish as patterns for the plates.

Deep blue

Ikea To evoke the sea or the ocean at table every day from afar, nothing like dishes in a very deep blue which will not fail to enhance the dishes you serve.

Fish in the spotlight

Geneviève Lethu Precisely, it's the little fish that are in the spotlight on this table! They are installed as a motif on plates but also on table linen. In terms of color, turquoise blue and tangy green mix very well.

Natural accessories

Options On this blue and green color coded table, the accessories make all the difference. The napkin rings play the natural card and driftwood settles on the plates. In the vases, the flowers take on a marine look.