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Autumn pleasures: the new Botanic collection

Autumn pleasures: the new Botanic collection

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At Botanic, fall is an important season both in the garden and in the home. It's time to adapt your decor gently to the coming winter. To support you, the brand presents Plaisirs d'automne, a collection for the whole house.

A small garden inside

Botanic / Ludivic Di Orio ### In autumn, a small aromatic garden is grown indoors to prepare for winter. For this, Botanic presents a series of accessories: a mini herbarium, a herb mill and even a mortar.

Lunch outside

Botanic / Ludivic Di Orio ### The season promises to be still mild, we take the opportunity to make the last picnics by offering boxes for take-out lunches, insulated mugs and plastic bottles. The good news is that they can also be used in the winter in the office.

Gourmet snacks

Botanic / Ludivic Di Orio ### In September, you are going to organize snacks for your children, so that they can get to know their new comrades. Botanic has it all covered with a selection of very colorful yogurt pots, small cake pans and melamine dishes for an almost perfect taste.

A touch of nature

Botanic / Ludivic Di Orio ### And for the receptions of older children, we put on a very elegant nature touch by opting for bamboo dishes. You will find dishes, spikes but also necessary for appetizers. At the start of the school year, we put on dinner cocktails!


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