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10 ideas to brighten up the kitchen!

10 ideas to brighten up the kitchen!

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Your kitchen is a little sad and you want to bring it up to date? With a few easy tips, you can brighten up your kitchen and make it more pleasant. Discover in pictures the ideas to reproduce at home.

A touch of fluorescent

Alinéa To energize your kitchen without overdoing it, bring yourself a can of neon paint and a brush. You will put in color some details of the kitchen like the woodwork of the windows and a shelf for example.

Colorful doors for the kitchen

Alinéa To revamp your kitchen and give it a more cheerful atmosphere, you can for example change a few cupboard doors to give you touches of color. We put on bright colors to accentuate the effect!

An original suspension

Fly To create a surprise in the kitchen, you can also opt for original accessories! For example, bet on a daring suspension that mixes original shape and bright colors like this model that multiplies XXL bulbs.

An atypical layout

Darty For a playful cuisine, it is sometimes enough to create a surprise by opting for atypical furniture. A round sink that also serves as a worktop to be modulated is sure to make everyone want to cook.

Appliances at the top

Aviva Don't hesitate to play with accessories! Since the household appliances are installed on the work plan, as much as it is decorative. We then opt for bright colors and original shapes. Our favorite: a refrigerator with retro lines in a very soft pink color.

A theme for the kitchen

Fly To give a little life to the kitchen, we can give it a theme that will serve as a decorative starting point. For a natural atmosphere, you can bet on a very large painting that will decorate the kitchen walls.

Colorful furniture

Fly In the kitchen, you can install a dining area which will make the kitchen much more lively. And to brighten up the room even more, do not hesitate to bet on bright colors for this new furniture.

A dynamic carpet

Ikea The kitchen also has the right to its rugs. We choose a carpet that is easily machine washed and above all we opt for a model that smacks with stripes and bright colors.

A patterned credenza

Ikea To accentuate the style of your kitchen, do not hesitate to use accessories. For example, you can add decorative panels in place of the splashback to give yourself a floral motif.


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