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Let yourself be overwhelmed by the charm of climbing roses

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the charm of climbing roses

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Is it because the charm of roses is so great, that we are not satisfied with flowers growing at ground level, and that we feel the urge to see them run along the walls and flourish to all the heights to which our gaze carries? In fact, many varieties - modern or old, double or single - answer this call for our greatest pleasure ...

Madame Alfred Carrière

J-F. Mahé Easy to cultivate and vigorous, this rose will do wonders for little to benefit from a luminous site and protected from the winds. It can carry up to 4 meters in height its white flowers delicately tinged with pink.

Aimée Vibert

J-F. Mahé This rose stands out for its remarkable flowering, which comes in bouquets of ten flowers that last up to 3 weeks. It can reach up to 3 meters high. It will be ideal for training against a wall.

Pure white

J-F. Mahé How to describe the color of this rose other than by redoubling its name? This rose has indeed immaculately white flowers, pleasantly fragrant. This climbing rose, with erect habit, carries up to 4 m.

Ghislaine de Féligonde

J-F. Mahé Behind this mischievous name hides a rose which could not be easier to live, with exceptional health. It can be found everywhere, gets stale or stays in shrub form, everyone can let their desires speak! Its flowers, grouped in bouquets, form charming semi-double rosettes, tending to yellow, cream or apricot, this variegated side only adding to its charm.


J-F. Mahé A lot of delicacy in the drooping flowers of this ancient rose, very fragrant, whose color hesitates between pink and ivory. This climbing rose can climb up to 4 m.

Madame Isaac Pereire

J-F. Mahé This rose is distinguished by its sophisticated, very double flowers, a bright carmine pink. Place it within a massif and offer it the support of a small pole, or fix it on a trellis along a wall. It can rise up to 2.5 m high.

La Belle Sultane

J-F. Mahé This rose is adorned with simple but refined flowers, with velvety petals of a beautiful garnet hue, emitting a delicate fragrance. This bushy boy loves to rise and can stretch up to more than 2 meters. We let it all the more willingly do that its branches do not carry needles.

Courson Estate

J-F. Mahé Here is a powerful and very healthy rose, whose branches can reach up to 4 m in height when the conditions are favorable. The roses come in bouquets of about 5 flowers in staggered flowering. Too bad they are so scented and that their outfit in the rain leaves something to be desired!

Pink cloud

J-F. Mahé This climbing rose is adorned with flowers forming bouquets of 5 to 10 roses. The flowers with a deep scent are double, a beautiful carmine pink.

Pierre de Ronsard

J-F. Mahé Here is a romantic devil rose with its old-fashioned flowers, very double, with cream petals edged with rose. The flowers have an excellent behavior, as well in vase as in the rain. Their drooping habit encourages them to give all the height that this rose needs to be able to contemplate its magnificent flowers from below, in all their beauty.


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