The quilting effect on the headboards

The quilting effect on the headboards

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We are used to seeing the quilt on the armchairs and on the sofas, note that for a few seasons, it has also taken comfort on the headboards. And good news, there is something for everyone!

A Scandinavian style headboard

Maisons du Monde The Nordic style likes softness and comfort, so it's best to style the bed with a padded headboard. This is ideal with its slightly curved shape and its discreet quilting effect. The small detail to remember: coordinate it with a padded bed too.

A simple padded headboard

AM PM If you want to give your bedroom a little allure without spending too much, the headboard is a solution that quickly has an effect, without upsetting everything. Here, we like its rather discreet quilting effect which adds relief to the wall.

A trendy padded headboard

La Redoute Surfing on trend, this headboard combines the quilt with the Fifties spirit. A retro look that is both clean and natural that can be matched with a dresser of the same style.

Velvet capiton headboard

Maisons du Monde Soft to the touch and warm, velvet invites itself into the bedroom with this headboard for a cottage side, very cozy.

A very classic capiton headboard

Maisons du Monde Immerse your bedroom in a charming atmosphere with this wooden and velvet headboard which adds a plush appearance to the bedroom. Its curves revisit the Trianon headboard for a classic spirit in the bedroom.

A gray capiton headboard

AM PM All dressed in gray, the quilting effect barely reveals itself under the influence of the dark color. Perfect when you want to adopt the capiton without overdoing it!

A headboard like in a cocoon

Maisons du Monde Find all the pleasure of being snuggled up comfortably in your bed with this wing headboard. Enveloping, they frame the bed nicely and they are a touch of originality which gives it presence.

A beige headboard that fits styles

Maisons du Monde This beige capiton headboard will adapt to any decor style. Here, she takes on a romantic spirit with powder pink bed linen and satin ribbons.

And there are even some for children!

Maisons du Monde Even children have the right to their padded headboards. With a width of 92 cm, it adapts to a person's bed. With a soft PVC coating, it has a silver color which adds a rock touch to the room.