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Nordic atmosphere with the Scandinavian bathroom

Nordic atmosphere with the Scandinavian bathroom

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Almost invisible storage


Lesson number 1 to create a scandinavian atmosphereperfect in your bathroom: create the most harmonious space possible. To do this, remember that the bathroom furniture must blend into the decor, and follow the lines of the room. Forget the colorful furniture and the variegated shelves: instead bet on furniture in tone on tone mode, which fade to give an impression of purity to the room and thus highlight the decorative items.

Sophisticated shapes


To make the Scandinavian bathroom as stylish as the rest of the house, we appreciate strong elements, but with mastered elegance; like for example a beautiful curved bathtub, which will bring character to the room but also softness.

Make way for light and white


Another important rule to follow to create a Scandinavian bathroom at home: it must be bright and very clear. And nothing better than white to make the light reflect better, and offer a pure and pleasant space thanks for example to white and bright furniture associated with a large window for natural light.

Soft colors


With white, don't hesitate to mix pastel shades in your Scandinavian bathroom. Always in a spirit of comfort, you can bring softness thanks to powder pink, garnet red, pearl gray and frost blue, among others.

Some light wood


Failing to have a painted, mat or lacquered piece of furniture, the Scandinavian style also knows how to appreciate the purity of materials, in particular that of wood, one of the flagship Nordic style. Do not hesitate to bet on mixtures of oak or birch for your furniture scandinavian bathroom.

Wood can also be considered as well for furniture as a coating for the walls or the floor of the bathroom, in classic parquet or grating. One way to give more warmth to this room.

Natural materials


With furniture and floors, you can also decorate your scandinavian bathroom with wooden branches, exposed stones, pebbles around the bathtub, in short everything that will help you create a natural environment to give a real touch of authenticity to your room.

Even closer to nature


After the materials and the forms, the Scandinavian style in the bathroom is defined all the more in harmony with the outside thanks to large openings, in particular large picture windows to live as much outside as inside and bring a maximum of light in the room.

A bathroom as a living space


Finally, we imagine the Scandinavian bathroom very open to the other rooms - notably the bedroom -, for example with a central bath, and why not benches which inspire relaxation and well-being in this large bathed space from light !


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