Garage: arrange the corner of DIY

Garage: arrange the corner of DIY

The garage is often used as a storage place for tools. Tired of seeing your DIY equipment piling up and cluttering your garage. Set up a small useful, practical and aesthetic DIY workshop thanks to the tips and selection that we have in store for you.

All in one

Gladiator Design and ergonomic, this pack is ideal for setting up a workshop in the garage, even in the most confined spaces. With its low cupboards and its very robust worktop, its wall channels and its modular storage solutions, you will be able to tinker serenely, with all your equipment at hand, safely stored.

Perforated sheet metal panel

Element System Because the garage can quickly take on the appearance of a DIY workshop, we swap its toolbox for a panel of perforated sheet metal. Do not let disorder invade this room! Bet on a practical and intelligent accessory that will easily accommodate all your DIY tools.

Folding workbench

Keter You have a reduced surface in your garage to arrange a DIY corner. Optimize the space by choosing the compact, foldable and portable Keter worktop. You will be won over by its large work surface and by its great robustness allowing it to support up to 453 kg.

Utility storage

Castorama Freeing up maximum space in your DIY area while maintaining good storage capacity is possible with Newton resin storage columns. Very clever, the furniture has the advantages of being able to adapt to all sizes of rooms and to accommodate any type of material thanks to its adjustable shelves.

Wall shelf

Element System We all have things lying around on the floor when we have absolutely nothing to do with them. Make order from now on in your DIY workshop with the Element System wooden console. Mural, it will also allow you to optimize space effectively.


La Redoute Que would be a DIY workshop worthy of the name without the essential toolbox. As practical as it is useful, this toolbox offers everything you need to get started with DIY. It contains a hammer, a screwdriver, a saw ...


Something Well Who said that the DIY corner could not be a decorative and trendy space? Overview on the Something Well website, this sublime workshop combines practicality and aesthetics. Its total wooden look does not go unnoticed.

Personalized layout

HomeGarage HomeGarage, the first brand dedicated to garage layout offers a new concept of personalized garage layout for individual or collective dwellings. The objective is to offer complete or modular solutions to transform your garage into a place to live where life is good. A whole range of floor-to-ceiling layouts has been developed allowing you to have a DIY workshop, a laundry room or a rationalized storage space.

Storage areas

Element System To prevent your DIY workshop from being constantly in disarray, create storage areas for your tools. To arrange this corner effectively, you can play with colors to differentiate each of the spaces.