A new decorative bed for the children's room

A new decorative bed for the children's room

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Baby has grown well and it is time to change his crib to a large bed. An important turning point that will accompany it for several years. To be sure you make the right choice, discover our selection of children's beds that takes into account your child's temperament. Adventurer, laughing or clever there is something for everyone!

Fashion victim

Kalon We can not do more in the trend. Design, ecological and terribly decorative, there are different colors ranging from neon pink or coral orange to turquoise blue.

The call of nature

AM PM In the shape of a basket, this vintage spirit bed is made of rattan. With enveloping shapes and XXL format, it will watch over your child's nights for years to come.

Deep into the trend

Zinizoe Like you, your dear little blond head is sensitive to beautiful things. Here, the bed is inspired by current trends and displays a Fifties spirit in the children's room.

A cleverly designed children's bed

Vibel This child architect knew how to look at children before designing his beds. With the appearance of huts, they become great playgrounds.

For adventurers

of the adventurer's house and spending all his time outside, your child is a fan of nature. Look no further, this bed is made for him. Like a real cabin, it will be far from the time of crises to go to bed

For the pitres

Gautier If your toddler likes to be a clown, quickly offer him this bed which reproduces a circus tent. Colors, patterns, shapes are all there to stimulate his imagination.

When we need space

Bimodal To find your way around it is important that everything is in its place. Here, the bed is a handset that unfolds on the side of the practical shelves. And if the lack of space is felt, just fold the bed against the wall.