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A romantic bedroom for young girls

A romantic bedroom for young girls

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There are certain rooms that most young girls dream of! Their ideal bedroom looks like a cocoon of softness where white and pink mix and poetic and bucolic decorative accessories. Discover 15 rooms that are sure to appeal to your little girls.

A room with a cabinet of curiosities atmosphere

Essix Home A flowery bed set, delicate vases, decorative objects straight from another time, flower pots: a few well chosen touches are enough to give a romantic atmosphere to a room!

A relaxing room

La Redoute To make little princesses feel good in their bedroom, we put on a combination of soft colors. Exit therefore the total pink look! You can use blue on the walls and feminize the room with small touches of pink and patterns in the shape of a heart, butterflies or flowers.

A ballerina's room

Maisons du Monde For all the little ballerinas, Maisons du Monde offers tables of the most beautiful positions in the discipline but also focuses on essential slippers. For the rest of the room, we put on a wrought iron bench where to receive the other little dancers.

A fairy room of nature

La Redoute To bring a bucolic touch to the romantic bedroom, we put on a fairly natural decor. You can include touches of wood in the decoration, choose tables that evoke flowers and add some butterflies to the walls or the floor using a carpet.

Sleeping Beauty's bed

Maisons du Monde In fairy tales, princesses always have a four-poster bed! We then choose a wrought iron model with very light veils to give a very romantic style. To dress the walls, put on a pink wallpaper with white dots. And to make the room fun, we add a hopscotch-shaped carpet to the floor.

Boudoir inspiration in the bedroom

La Redoute Painted in pastel tones, the little princess room is made up of refined furniture to create a boudoir spirit. Simply furnished, it has small decorative items that make all the difference, like this beautiful very retro dressing table, worthy of the most beautiful boudoirs of yesteryear.

Romantic flowers

Catimini For all romantic little girls, think of flowers and more particularly of the liberty motif which will bring a very fresh and feminine touch to the bedroom. You can for example bet on bed linen with small pink flowers and complete the decor with Chinese balls to give lightness and height to the whole.

Head in the stars

Maisons du Monde Otherwise you can also decorate your little girl's bedroom with a myriad of stars with a pretty whimsical pink curtain that will create a soft and romantic atmosphere in the room. You will complete your starry decor with a plaid printed with small hearts which will bring a touch of tenderness to your child's room.

A bucolic little girl's room

Maisons du Monde For little princesses who dream of prince charming and enchanted forests, you can also bring a natural touch to its space with the help of a pretty wooden floor with a very authentic style. For the bucolic touch, we put on birdhouses suspended from sticker trees, decorative accessories in the shape of animals and we favor natural shades such as beige, ocher which we associate with more feminine colors. : pink, purple and off-white.

A room to eat

La Redoute For a gourmet atmosphere in your princess' room, bet on a refined, romantic and ultra-feminine decoration with acid colors. Gluttony will nestle in small details, winks full of humor: an inscription on the wall, pink macaroon shades, or simply toys in the shape of cupcakes or kitchen accessories.

A romantic retro room

Maisons du Monde For a room with a romantic look of yesteryear, you can also bet on furniture from the past such as a wrought iron bed or wooden furniture painted in white and slightly patinated. In terms of colors, we will favor sober shades.

A very poetic room!

Vertbaudet All little girls love poetic, even magical atmospheres. To recreate this style in your little princess' room, opt for purple and white walls. In terms of decoration, you will favor acid colors and scatter here and there, the floral print which will soften the whole for a soothing atmosphere.

A sweet girl's room

AM PM Entirely white, the girl's bedroom is made up of romantic furniture and pastel colors enhanced with bright colors. Combining Scandinavian style and classic style, the romantic girl's room takes on the air of a princess room.

A little nomad princess bedroom

Maisons du Monde Because young girls dream of Prince Charming, we offer them a room worthy of the tales of a thousand with a rich and colorful decoration and a four-poster bed where she can, in all tranquility, dream of Prince Charming.