5 styles of stair rail end caps

5 styles of stair rail end caps

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Because a well-thought-out decoration is one that leaves nothing to chance, it is important to dwell on the small details that complete the harmony of a room. The end of the stair railing is a good example. Anodyne at first sight, he chooses himself with care. Here are 5 different styles to inspire you.

When the ramp and the pole are one

Lapeyre ### What if the ramp extended into a pole at the end of the stairs? Thus, it is a graceful curve which replaces the end of the guardrail! A sophisticated and design idea.

A straight tip

Lapeyre ### Simplicity in the spotlight. Here, the end of the ramp is the simplest there is. A raw finish that works well in loft style interiors.

A square shaped decorative rail tip

Lapeyre ### Rather than a fitting at the end of the staircase allowing a glimpse of the end of the banister, we can choose to use the end of the post to enhance the decor. Several possibilities exist among which a post with square finishes, like this one.

A ball as a decorative tip for stairs

Lapeyre ### Another example of a stair post with decorative end. In the shape of a ball exceeding the height of the ramp and the post, it highlights the staircase with elegance.