Powdery atmosphere in every room of the house

Powdery atmosphere in every room of the house

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Make way for softness and lightness! The powdery colors take over the interior decoration to reveal a delicate and feminine atmosphere. From the bedroom to the bathroom, through the kitchen or the dining room, the shades of cream, pale pink, taupe or light gray set the tone. Demonstration.

Powdery atmosphere in the room

Fly ### A cottony plaid, linen bedding, velvet or other silk cushions; yes, the contrast of materials has enough to enrich this very poetic bedroom decor combining beige, light pink and purple. And because any self-respecting feminine atmosphere deserves a bucolic touch, a branch of cherry escaping from a large transparent vase enhances the whole. Heart stroke.

Powdery atmosphere in the bathroom

Cedeo ### More feminine than ever, the bathroom is tinged with a pretty powder pink color. The voluptuous shapes of a small wrought iron chest of drawers and the graceful silhouette of a lion's feet bath complete this sophisticated decor and a touch of retro. What give us ideas ...

Powdery atmosphere in the little girls' room

Cedeo ### Variation of pastel shades in the little girls' room, from pale pink to string gray. Nothing is left to chance here. The velvet cushions beautifully installed on the bed evoke the softness of the room. In the same spirit, classical dance pictures decorate the pink polka dot wallpaper. The ideal setting for little dreamers!

Powdery atmosphere in the kitchen

Goal ### Foundation effect in the kitchen! The rhubarb color of the walls is reflected on the white furniture to give a good glow to the room. The rendering is both warm and feminine.


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