10 inspirations for a sunny table decor

10 inspirations for a sunny table decor

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For beautiful tables placed under the sign of summer, we put on a sunny table decoration. How do we do it? Nothing easier, we multiply the colors with good humor for a table that makes you want to settle down to enjoy summer meals in a friendly atmosphere.

The table goes green

Alinéa For a natural look, the table naturally chooses green! But been obliged, she then opted for a tangy green which will bring out the beautiful tomatoes on the plates. Do not hesitate to bet on a tablecloth and matching plates that you will highlight thanks to a darker color.

A raw but colorful table

Paragraph If you are setting up a wooden picnic table, foil the raw side of it by betting on a very colorful tableware that will give conviviality to the whole table.

A tangy table decor

Alinéa For sunny summer lunches, you can also opt for refreshing dishes. For this, transparent tableware is combined with accessories in summer colors such as blue and green. The final touch? The drink that adds a new color to the whole.

Graphic and colorful dishes

Paragraph To put a good mood on the table, you can play with the dishes! Then choose a service that uses multicolored stripes as a motif to give the whole table a summer tone.

Festive service

Atmosphere & Styles Copyright Michel Gantner To eat by the pool, simply place your dishes on a small table. And to take off the decor of the whole, we will rely on a very festive servant with floors dressed in bright color.

A set of table linen

La Redoute On this table, we bring the summer note by playing with textiles. On the program: placemats whose striped or polka dot patterns bring good humor to the table and perfectly enhance the pretty color of the plates.

A colorful table

La Redoute To give a summer tone to the table, we do not hesitate to play with strong colors. Here, green and orange create a very dynamic graphic game that will not fail to brighten up your lunches.

A decor with southern accents

Guy Degrenne What if the table evokes the garrigue and the singing cicadas? We then put on a dish directly inspired by the south of France with olive trees that settle as patterns on the dishes.

Vitamin duo

Bruno Evrard Creation If you only had to choose a color code for a sunny table decoration: it would be yellow and orange. This duo unquestionably evokes the sun and vitamins for a great summer.


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