I set up a dressing room under the eaves

I set up a dressing room under the eaves

Under the roof, tailor-made takes on its full dimension. Blind spots and other tight spaces are sometimes a nightmare to plan properly. These constraints have been well integrated by the furniture brands which today market dressings that will allow you to put an end to your anxieties. One watchword: no more wasted space. Here are 20 examples that are as practical as they are aesthetic for the best storage of your entire wardrobe.

A piece in its own right

Presotto We use the attics to create a unique dressing room. An additional living space in the house that combines practicality and pleasure. Elegant and well designed, this wardrobe is no longer hidden and becomes a room just as stylish as the rest of your interior.

A pop touch

Kazed The dressing room brings color to the bedroom. The colors are harmonized by choosing cushions to match the sliding leaves. The wardrobe thus meets the requirements of aesthetics and optimization of space.

Under a skylight

AGC Cuisine The advantage with the attic is that the openings are generally located high. Under the roof windows, the sun illuminates the dressing room, which takes on the air of a fashion boutique.

Perfect harmony

Presotto This immaculate dressing room blends perfectly with this very bright room. We like the sought-after style of closet doors that fade out for a refined and delicate decoration.

Stockings for children

Leroy Merlin Too small, this attic room has been transformed into a family dressing room. The room hosts the parents' wardrobe but not only! Following the slope, the low cabinet offers additional storage, which can be used as a wardrobe for the little ones, very easy to access.

Ultra design

Quadro This tailor-made set, specially designed for a loft, adjusts to the millimeter on the slopes of the apartment. A mosaic of classic lockers or drawers, this dressing room efficiently organizes storage and creates a unique, bright and modern multiple space.

Real decorative furniture

Quadro The dressing room is highlighted by a more pronounced color which contrasts with the rest of the room. A highlighting of the wardrobe which proves once again the desire to make an atypical attic, a useful space without giving up the aesthetic.

All open

Leroy Merlin No closet for this wardrobe! We choose open elements. And to accentuate the showroom effect, we use a color that contrasts with the walls. Here, purple highlights and delimits space.

The ingenuity of partitioned furniture

Schmidt Under the eaves and multifunction, this dressing room not only allows it to play its role of wardrobe but also acts as a headboard and partition studied and coordinated with the rest of the bedroom.

The practical piece of furniture

Castorama All you need is a beveled piece of furniture to solve the problem of attic layout. With this simple white piece of furniture, Castorama allows this child's room to have storage space for clothes and books.

Take up a whole part of the wall

Sky Lofts The attic of this house has been specially designed for little girls. A whole part of the wall was used to install a large custom closet that can hold all their small belongings.

Pretty glass cupboard

Betta Living Not all solutions for attic furnishings are made of plywood. Here, the sliding glass doors of this dressing room bring a designer touch to a child's bedroom.

Dressing room and shelf at the same time

Castorama The furniture brands of the large distribution now offer a wide variety of storage furniture of different sizes. As Castorama suggests with these images, it is enough to install a dressing room in the attic, to install this staircase furniture. The little extra of this solution: the top of the furniture can also be used as shelves for your books or trinkets.

A piece in its own right By separating the dressing room from the rest of the attic space with transparent and pink glass partitions, the owners of this house have managed to create the illusion of a whole room without having to completely partition the space.

Dressing room small version

Lapeyre For those who do not need a lot of storage space for their clothes and shoes, sometimes it is enough a simple piece of furniture with three shelves and a rod fixed under the slope of the roof spaces.

All open steel

Ikea For an industrial look and direct access to clothing, opt for the "ALGOT" steel structures from Ikea.

The invisible wardrobe

Compagnie des ateliers In this designer bedroom in the attic, the dressing room is almost invisible. It is only when one lingers on the back wall that one notices the lines which delimit the different compartments of the dressing room.

Optimizing niches

Sky Lofts Often, the attic development problem is not limited to finding a way to invest the downhill. As in the picture, it can also be a question of having only a few niches of available space - this is often the case when a chimney flue crosses the room. In this case, you have to redouble your ingenuity and find commercially the elements that will fit perfectly together and allow the layout of a dressing room.

Like on a boat

Sky Lofts As on board a boat where all the furniture is secured to the ground and between them, the dressing room under the eaves can be installed all around the room and come to frame the bed.