Panorama of open kitchens

Panorama of open kitchens

Driven by the fashion of open-plan interiors, the modern kitchen gets rid of doors and walls to open onto the house. No more preparing small dishes away from the conversations of family or friends installed in the living room, now cooking rhymes with sharing, space and conviviality. Zoom on the trend of open kitchens.

I layout for my open kitchen

Fly ### Nice example of an I-shaped layout for the kitchen, which is perfectly suited for long spaces. Indeed, its characteristic is that it invests only a section of wall; a layout that allows you to move with ease, while the opening of the kitchen to the living room gives the feeling that you breathe.

Swap the partitions for a central island

Goal ### Rather than walls that trap the cook in the kitchen, the central island is a very practical choice to delimit the space between the kitchen and the living room as we can see here. The other plus of this piece of furniture? It is an additional work plan, which accommodates storage to have everything necessary at your fingertips!

An American bar overlooking the lounge

Mobalpa ### American bars keep attracting French people. If it delimits the kitchen area of ​​the living room, the American bar especially allows those who prepare the meal to have an eye on a television program, on the children who play next to the sofa or simply to chat with their guests without turn their backs on them. In addition to opening the kitchen to the living room, the American bar reverses roles: it invites guests to settle around it for an aperitif or a meal, all in a much less conventional spirit than in the living room. Friendliness is in the spotlight!

An open U-shaped kitchen

Hygena ### The kitchen and the living room are one. Here, we are not trying to delimit the space, the two pieces are melted into one to make room for conviviality! The U-shape of the kitchen space ideally makes it possible to distinguish the three main poles: water, cooking and fridge.