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The big organization: hiding cables and finding a neat desk

The big organization: hiding cables and finding a neat desk

Remember! In 2011, we presented decorative items to hide the unsightly cables. Since then, DIY fashion has been there and we are no longer satisfied with the ready-made solution that we find at the neighbor's. Now we want personalized, custom and home-made because it's pretty, inexpensive and it makes you proud to make it yourself. So here we are again in 2014 with tips for hiding the wires and cables but this time you will have to work a little (and it will be great, I promise!).

Pinch me, I dream

wikiHow Watch out, spending madness! A few clip clips and your cables will be well kept.

Knowledge is in the books (the box too)

Ana Maria Munoz A trip to the flea market or in the parents' attic and there is a cache box or power strip all found and really cheap (especially since the vintage camera option is, as the name suggests, an option).

Not seen, not seen

Sawdust Girl For this solution, we admit that you have to be a minimum handyman but admit that the result is stunning: who would imagine that this fireplace frame hides all the connections?


Refinery 29 As with the conjurer, you never know what is hidden behind a black curtain. It may be less fun than a white rabbit but it allows you to go online.

Follow the path

Design Rulz It's the method "I assume!" : when you have so many cables that hiding them becomes an impossible mission, it is better to try to make them a work of art.

Table mats

The Gadget Flow This cable organizer is on sale, but it gives us DIY ideas: and its stinging the Lego® of children to trap the wires under the desk?

Even better than the original

Papote de Pomme Available at Ikea, this cable box lacked a bit of fantasy according to this blogger. A few minutes in front of her sewing machine and she comes back with a pretty box that hides without having to hide.

It's in the box !

Sweet Sanity Do not deny the most obvious solutions like these decorative boxes, with holes right in the back. Also works well with shoe boxes when customized.

The bird on the branch

Monkey Business Not sure that real birds only see fire, but real decor fans will certainly approve of this illuminated branch (available on Amazon).

Move along, there's nothing to see !

Andrea dekker For this solution, the only constraint will be to have an office with a space hidden under the tray. We can then dispose of all the horrible things that are boxes and power strips.