Solar lighting in the garden: our selection

Solar lighting in the garden: our selection

In summer, evenings on the terrace, evenings in the garden and ... solar lighting! Activating automatically at dusk, costing three times nothing, renewable endlessly and increasing the decorative possibilities: all the reasons are good to adopt it when you have the green vein. A preview of our Best Of to start?

Like a garland

Castorama The parasol is present day and night! Because it is decorated with multicolored luminous balls in the "solar garland" style, it becomes a practical and magical floor lamp…


Ikea To gain visibility in the dark and prevent passengers from tripping over it, the garden stairs are adorned with luminous semicircles rising along the steps! A little sun in the dark…

Poetic bubbles

Castorama Cap on a poetic universe in the garden! On call: solar peaks surmounted by pretty, gently luminous glass bubbles ...


Jardiland To highlight the garden path, nothing like a collection of mini floor lamps running along its entire length! And the sun collected during the day becomes useful at nightfall!

Colorful balls

Castorama Around the pool, XXL balls with variable colors delimit the space in a lounge but also ecological spirit! Who would've believed that ?

Light spots

Ikéa Around the slabs and not Japanese forming the main passage of the garden, some spots running on solar energy to see only him at dusk.

Summer torches

Leroy Merlin The strong points of these solar torches? Effectively delimit the terrace area when it is dark (size XXL and generous lighting) while inviting it to a change of scenery and to travel thanks to their divine imitation bamboo…

Magic lanterns

Smart Candle Bright rainbow in the trees. On the program: some lanterns of different colors perched in bulk on the branches. Or how to light up the exterior with small touches to sow enchantment…

Winged peaks

Alinéa Planted in wild grass, these dragonfly solar peaks blend divinely into the decor of the garden while illuminating it with small touches. A true hymn to poetry at the time of the setting sun!

Solar tealight holder

Galix To save money on candles this summer, adopt this elegant and joyful tealight that runs on solar energy. You have it on the table with other models, and voila!

Luminous frog

Inspire By the pool or to light up the driveway, this light frog will be as practical as it is funny!

A tavern garland

Smart Solar It is not always possible to connect a tavern garland in your garden for lack of plug. The problem is resolved in the blink of an eye by choosing a model that works with the sun. In addition, the result is just as pretty!

A braided lantern

Delamaison You want to give an asiatic side to your garden by adopting a braided lantern but you are afraid of candles with children? Then this solar model is made for you!

A garland of butterflies

Smart Solar If you do not have the chance to see fireflies in your gardens in the summer, console yourself with this funny garland of bright butterflies.

A light tube

Jany To avoid bumping into your flower pots during your night walks, install light tubes around the pot. The result is super original!

A charming lantern

Galix To add a touch of charm to the garden without having to draw electric cables from right to left, we recommend this pretty solar lantern.

Tags to plant

Galix Practical for delimiting an alley, a flowerbed ... solar planting beacons are our allies in the garden. In addition, they have fun with all the colors of the rainbow, so what are you waiting for?

Plastic suspensions

Galix To make in the garden as inside, one fixes to a tree or directly to the roof of the pergola of the solar suspensions in colored plastic above the table.

Owls in the bushes

Smart Solar The owl, nocturnal bird, invites itself into the garden in the form of a very original light garland. Your bushes will love it!