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Spring bed linen takes over children's room

Spring bed linen takes over children's room

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Winter gives way to spring and breathes new life into the decoration. Floral or gingham pattern, light, fresh or colorful shades and light materials ... The bed linen in the children's room takes on the air of spring. Bucolic, magical or rustic, it's up to you to choose the style that looks like your child. Zoom on the selection you have concocted.


La Redoute While the flower season is making a big comeback, the liberty motif imposes itself in children's rooms to embalm their daily life of sweetness and lightness. The punchy colors of liberty combined with childish designs will awaken your child's senses with ease.


Cyrillus Did you think he was dead and buried, condemned to stay buried in your cupboards? Rejoice, the small tiles make a remarkable appearance and settle this season on your toddler's bed linen for a soft and soothing atmosphere.


Kiabi Do you want to satisfy your little one's gluttony? You will fall for this sweet and tangy bed linen, which combines a clever mixture of tantalizing flavors and scents! A chewable bed set that will not leave you indifferent!


Becquet Favorite for this nice Becquet bed linen inspired by a tale for children where butterflies gather flowers and twirl in colors. We will be easily charmed by the very graphic patterns of this bedspread.


La Redoute A good dose of flowers, colors reminiscent of nature and a light and delicate textile ... For a 100% spring nursery decoration, we put on this refreshing bed linen as desired.


Vertbaudet Change of scenery guaranteed thanks to the Vertbaudet bedspread designed in taupe, purple and pink shades. It will transport your child into a wonderful and poetic universe populated by little fairies. Something to inspire fantasy in a little girl's room.


Kiabi The pea print from Kiabi takes over our children's room and seduces us with its timeless style and cheerfulness. Inspired by pop, retro or girly, it will energize the space by bringing a touch of pep's and a touch of sweetness.


Maisons du Monde No flaw in taste for this sublime elegant and refined children's bedding set from Maisons du Monde. Ideal for a little girl's bedroom, it will immerse itself in a soft and cozy universe, for a relaxing atmosphere with a romantic style.


3 Suisses Take advantage of spring to offer your children's rooms color and patterns. For this we opt without further delay for the ultra-vitamin bed linen signed by 3 Suisses which will immerse your little boy in a world of tales made of dungeons and dragons.