Bed linen sets the trend in the bedroom

Bed linen sets the trend in the bedroom

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In the bedroom, sometimes it only takes a little to create an atmosphere! Thanks to the bed linen, you can alternately give the room a chalet, natural, romantic, vintage or masculine atmosphere. Here are five atmospheres where bed linen sets the tone.

Nature atmosphere

Essix ### For a natural room, bet on bed linen in natural tones that we associate with green for a very Zen atmosphere. You can also choose fabrics in natural fibers like linen for example.

Romantic atmosphere

Kenzo ### For a romantic atmosphere, choose bed linen in warm tones like red or pink and opt for floral patterns for a bucolic and rural spirit. Think of liberty, this fabric with small flowers which is very trendy this season.

Vintage atmosphere

Orla Kiely ### For a vintage style, opt for bed linen reminiscent of the 1950s. You can choose large patterns in colors like khaki green, yellow and orange for a psychedelic touch.

Male atmosphere

Alexandre Turpault ### Finally, for a masculine atmosphere, we put on sobriety and elegance with brilliant materials like percale. In terms of colors, choose dark shades such as black, brown and gray.


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