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Sarah's 10 chic bohemian inspirations

Sarah's 10 chic bohemian inspirations

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Immediate boarding ! On the road of the nomads, between Asia and the Middle East, this style is invited in all your house. But beware, although still inspired by the interiors of gypsy caravans, this variation of the genre, more contemporary, is balanced with white walls, modern furniture and antique accessories ... Here are my tips and my ideas for an irresistible decor with sweet airs of travel. Follow me !

I fall asleep in a pastel room

Bemz No more bright colors, no more colorful fabrics! Less aggressive, this new spirit focuses above all on soft tones for a fresh and pleasant interior. Nothing obviously prevents you from decorating it all with a few more colorful touches, but always sparingly, please!

I take a little height

HK Living At the heart of the living room, the hanging chair is the essential accessory to adopt. In natural matter, it represents this idea of ​​freedom and lightness which defines the style in itself. In addition, there is something for everyone.

I click on Secret Berbere

Secret Berbere From the feet of the Atlas to your home, this online store of traditional rugs sends you real works of art connecting the present and the past. As much imbued with folklore as with modernity, these rugs will be your best allies for a 100% bohemian but also 100% chic decor.

I'm flying to Marrakech

Moroccan Steps Today, the red city is the destination that best reflects the bohemian chic style. We draw our ideas from the mixed decor of the riads and we hunt for our accessories in the inexhaustible souks of the center. I am in love with this authenticity and this Arab refinement.

I buy everything from HK Living

HK Living Straight from the Netherlands, this brand, created in 2009, is full of treasures. Very pretty creations in a natural and colorful spirit. Inspired by the past, its various collections with eclectic allures never disappoint me. Perfect to spice up the decor of a rather classic room.

I invest in a terrarium

Score and Solder These trendy mini-greenhouses are becoming increasingly popular in our interiors. To put or to hang, they bring a little greenery and a natural aspect to the room. Most ? You can create your own miniature garden yourself with the right accessories and a multitude of possible containers.

I want ethnic patterns

Chiccham We cover the beds, sofas and armchairs with throws and cushions with warm materials and especially with oriental prints: kilim, ikat, navajo or even patchwork. Also think of your curtains to complete the look but avoid overloading at all costs!

I love the mix of culture

Bemz Mixed genres, the bohemian style is, in the world of decoration, that which represents conviviality. Its heterogeneous appearance, and therefore very welcoming, calls for hospitality. It is very important then to enhance the living room, living room of the house and place of passage, for people as for objects.

I don't forget the exteriors

Harlequin With this style, we like to live as much outside as inside. So, it is important not to neglect your terrace or garden. They too have taken a liking to bohemian with a lot of hammocks, floral cushions or even light garlands.