Architect's advice: how to arrange a bathroom in the attic?

Architect's advice: how to arrange a bathroom in the attic?

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The attic, atypical spaces nestled under the roofs, are difficult to arrange because of variations in heights, the slope of the roof, the lack of light and a very specific technical constraint: the floor. The latter is indeed often thinner than that of the lower floors, and its solidity (especially if the installation of a bathtub, its insulation and its waterproofness must be carefully studied before the work. The layout of a bathroom under roof space will then depend on lifestyle and the area available.

Attic bathroom: central bath

Angélique BLANC In this large bathroom adjoining the bedroom, 3.80 mx 3.75 m, flanked by two sub-slopes, the bathtub is in the spotlight: centerpiece of the layout, it is located in the center of the room. The layout is clean and homogeneous, the washbasins form a single block with the bathtub and the circulation is fluid. The two large roof windows make the volume very bright and comfortable. Here they are fitted with blinds to avoid the greenhouse effect in strong sunshine. There is proof that the attic can be a good reservoir of space, the additional living space here is not negligible and allows to create a very aesthetic and functional bathroom.

Attic bathroom: an optimized space

Angélique BLANC This 4.25 mx 2.20 m bathroom is subject to three constraints: two sub-slopes, a small living area, and the possibility of installing only one roof window (subject to authorization from the town hall) ). Smart solutions have resolved these technical constraints. The space under the attic has been fully optimized by installing custom storage with drawer openings. In order to gain a few centimeters in height, the shower is fitted with a large, extra flat shower tray. The roof window was placed above the shower for maximum comfort, and the lack of light on the washbasin side is compensated by the installation of a beautiful decorative and colorful lighting on the stand, supplemented by spotlights above the washbasin . These arrangements thus make it possible to obtain a very warm and intimate volume.

Attic bathroom: space-saving bathtub

Angélique BLANC This small volume of 2 mx 3 m is intended for an extra bathroom, for fans of the bath, which will be taken here under the sun and blue sky thanks to the installation of a roof window creating a skylight above the bathtub. The sub-slope is optimized here, since it is used to place the bathtub, which benefits on the outlet side from a height of 1.80 m. Small surface obliges, the bathtub enthroned comfortably under the mansard is chosen to save space, just like the toilets, which will be suspended and shallow.