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5 small bathrooms to inspire you!

5 small bathrooms to inspire you!

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Small bathroom does not necessarily mean that this room should not be pleasant! On the contrary, if you have little space, you will have to redouble your ingenuity to make the room both decorative and functional. Here are 5 small bathrooms that prove that decor is not a question of space.

A bathtub in a very small space

Ikea ### Be aware that even if you only have a very small bathroom, you will be able to install a bathtub! Place it at the bottom using the width of the room. For the rest of the elements, bet on narrow furniture.

The built-in washing machine

Ikea ### Be ingenious in bringing your household appliances like your washing machine into your small bathroom. Then choose a porthole model and install the machine under the cabinet that will accommodate the basin. This will allow you to place accessories on top.

The tub in a corner

Ikea ### Finally, if your bathroom has hidden corners, don't hesitate to use them! You can for example integrate your storage furniture, your sink or even your bathtub if the recess is large enough. This little trick will give the impression that the room is larger.

Optimize walls

Leroy Merlin ### To save space, optimize the surface of the walls. Indeed, rather than placing your furniture and your sink on a traditional wall, use a partition that will close the bathtub. You will use space that would be lost.


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