An industrial style dining room

An industrial style dining room

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It is always difficult to find a decor that we really like for our dining room. The exercise is all the more delicate as all the members of our household also benefit from this room. Why not choose an industrial style dining room? Do you want to discover this style? Picking decorative ideas? So here is a slideshow that should help you.

Industrial chairs

AM PM Here the industrial style is present thanks to the chairs and the lamps. We love the mix of contemporary colors and wrought iron. The wooden table brings a lot of authenticity and reminds us that the dining room is a space for sharing.

A gourmet serving

Maisons du Monde Here is a very original service that will bring a touch of indulgence to your industrial style dining room. We love the old ads that adorn each drawer and the wheels.

Iron and wood

Maisons du Monde What a magnificent dining area that Maisons du Monde offers us. Here everything is reminiscent of the industrial style: the table that combines wood and metal, the chairs, the stool, the light fixture and, of course, the glass roof that enhances everything.


Fast Here you find a table and chairs set in painted metal. We love the very contemporary light color and the design of the chairs. Although presented outside, these pieces of furniture can also find their place in the heart of your dining room.


La Redoute Here is a magnificent dining room with a resolutely industrial style. Nothing has been forgotten: the marriage of wood and metal, retro chairs, painted brick walls, etc. The furniture and decorative elements are available at La Redoute and soon at your place!

Modern industrial

MDF And yes! The industrial style can be modern. Here is the proof with this incredible metal table. We love the chairs covered in red gingham fabric and the sober and contemporary tableware. A success !

Chic industrial

Roche Bobois What if I told you that we have found you a chic industrial dining room. This is proposed by Roche Bobois. It is also our favorite! With these chairs of all colors, difficult to do otherwise.

All in color

Maisons du Monde Here is a dining room that should appeal to you. It offers a nice table for the whole family, chairs of all colors, a very trendy XXL light… It's up to you to choose the coverings that will match this decor!


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