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In pictures, the 10 most decorative hotels in Paris

In pictures, the 10 most decorative hotels in Paris

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Keeping each year its list of the most visited city in the world, Paris reveals its charms to tourists in search of museums and exceptional architectural sites. For a decorative stay, discover our 10 favorite addresses in the capital, all of which are unique. Family, arty, romantic or at the heart of the trend, all you have to do is make your choice ...

Sentimental, The Feathers

Hotel Emile Located in a former mansion, the Hotel Les Plumes pays tribute in its decoration to the most famous couples of the 19th century. Materials, colors, patterns are all winks that refer to the emblematic couples of this era. 10 rue Lamartine 75009 Pari 01 42 72 76 17

Decorative lesson, Hotel Emile

Hotel George Opera Nestled in the Maris, the Hotel Emile mixes and matches the patterns. Based on the contrasts of colors and patterns, the decoration is both graphic and very trendy. 2 rue Malher 75004 Paris 01 42 72 76 17

Family, Hotel George Opera

Les Plumes Located in the 9th district of Paris, the Hôtel George Opéra has offered a new decoration designed for the whole family. Each room has a decoration that is both cozy and warm. 46 Rue Notre-Dame de Lorette 75009 Paris 01 48 74 03 29

Colorful, the Hôtel du Ministère

Hotel du Ministère In the heart of the 8th arrondissement, the Hôtel du Ministère displays a decoration in lively tones and rich in patterns. The decorative spirit cultivates the cocoon spirit for a hotel where it is pleasant to stay there. 31 rue de Surene 75 008 Paris 01 42 66 21 43

Trend, Hotel Paradis

Hotel Paradis At the crossroads of the Gare du Nord, the Opera and the Grands Boulevards, the rooms of the Hotel Paradis are furnished in a cozy style which gives pride of place to the motifs. 41, rue des Petites-Écuries 75010 Paris 01 45 23 08 22

Fashion, Hotel Notre Dame

Hotel Notre Dame Ideally located opposite the cathedral of Paris, the Hotel Notre-Dame has been decorated by Christian Lacroix. The 26 rooms that make up the hotel are all decorated differently. With both chic and cozy decor, they each tell a story. Hôtel Le Notre Dame, 1, quai Saint-Michel 75005 Paris 01 43 54 20 43

Quiet, the Joyce Hotel

Hotel Joyce In the 9th arrondissement of Paris, the Hotel Joyce is a haven from the busy streets. The decoration of the rooms is very different and they all express this comfort dear to the hotel. 29 Rue la Bruyère, 75009 Paris -01 55 07 00 01

History, La Maison Favart

La Maison Favart La Maison Favart revisits the classic style of the 18th century. Heavy curtains, soft carpet, fine stripes, mixtures of patterns rub shoulders for a decor that is both refined and warm. La Maison Favart, 5, rue de Marivaux 75002 Paris 01 42 97 59 83

Arty, The Georgette Hotel

Hotel Georgette The Hotel Georgette celebrates contemporary art like its neighbor the Center George Pompidou. Each room celebrates a unique decoration related to an artist. 36, Rue du Grenier Saint Lazare 75003 Paris 01 44 61 10 10