In detail

Final preparations in the room before school starts

Final preparations in the room before school starts

New class, new teachers and therefore new decor! In the room of your future college student, many changes are to be undertaken in order to create a space that will best suit his age and especially his needs. Rest, homework, friends ... His world must also reflect his personality. We help you a little.

The timetable ahead

Ikea In college, the arrival of new subjects and orderly days upsets your child's balance. We advise you to highlight this schedule so as not to forget anything and let him manage his lesson hours thanks to this table.

We team up!

AM PM With new disciplines and more busy days, it is important to structure your office with a filing space. Sorters, file holders, baskets, you have to invest.

A clever piece of furniture

Vertbaudet In the same spirit, this chest of drawers, weekly way, makes it possible to organize the different days and thus to treat the duties in priority; but also to arrange the school books of each subject.

Storage priority

Conforama A well-organized wardrobe is the key to an impeccable bedroom. Choose functional and diversified furniture - chest of drawers, wardrobe, bookcase - so that each object finds its place and avoids cluttering the floor of the room.

It's necessary that it moves

Vox We rely on innovative modular furniture. With this system, each element of your child's room is customizable. The multitude of combinations allows him to express himself and develop his creativity. For a room that will grow with him - because it is during the college period that he will change the most.

We let the walls speak

Alinéa And for it to express itself even more, bet on the slate. With this blackboard painting, your child writes and draws where he wants, alone or with his friends, for a somewhat rebellious but above all very dynamic style. He will love it!

What revise its geography!

Carl Dahlstedt Ultra trendy, world maps and other terrestrial globes are the elements to adopt urgently for the decoration of your young teenager. In this room furnished by the Swedish decorator Myrica Bergqvist, we like the girly style of the stickers. But you can easily bet on a more didactic style.

We dare the color

Happy Hours No better time to use bright colors than the college period. Because when you are young, you can afford anything in decoration. We mix apple green with mandarin orange. It flashes but it passes!

The perfect example

Gab Modern and in duck blue tones, this room has it all: a large wardrobe for neat storage, bookshelves like lockers for style and elements on casters to change the layout of the room. Simple but wildly design!