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The quilt to the headboards

The quilt to the headboards

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If you dream of a soft and comfortable headboard to lean against during the cold nights of autumn and winter, let yourself be seduced by the padded models! Their buttoned style, sometimes chic, sometimes British, will give a very trendy look to your room, but above all, they will perfectly accentuate its cocooning side. Small overview.

A modular and very designer padded headboard

Confort Avenue ### When the quilt is designed, the result is this! The key is a white leather imitation headboard that highlights the contemporary and aesthetic side of the bedroom. And because we appreciate the design more when it is also comfortable, we can only adopt this flexible model according to the desired backing…

An anthracite padded linen headboard

AM.PM ### Entirely dressed in anthracite gray, this linen headboard has the chic to give a masculine and sophisticated dimension to the bedroom. Proof that the capiton can also break out of its glamorous codes.

A padded leather headboard

AM.PM ### Another example of a padded headboard with a very masculine look. This time, the dark color is not the only one to play on the final aspect because here, it is above all the aged leather which reveals the strength of character of the accessory above the bed. There is a British air in the area…

Elegant finishes for this padded headboard

AM.PM ### The refined lines of this linen headboard make all the difference. They give a masterful appearance to the main furniture of the room. Or how to dress the bed with elegance and softness.


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