The walls of the house are inspired by autumn

The walls of the house are inspired by autumn

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Because autumn and its warm colors inspire the house, the walls of the living room or bedroom take on yellow, red or orange tones like autumn leaves. Here are 5 interiors in fall colors.

Brick red

Meister ### To bring color to a room with rather neutral shades, you can easily bet on brick red which will bring a lot of warmth and a very vitamin spirit to the room.

Retro orange

The Little Greene ### Be aware that orange can also give a very retro style with a fairly dark shade. Again, combine the color orange with yellow to bring a very vintage atmosphere to your interior.

Ethnic orange

Ikea ### If you choose to paint your walls in an orange shade, note that this color will go perfectly with a fairly ethnic style. Then bet on dark furniture and natural materials.

Lemon yellow

Ripolin ### Finally, for a very vitamin-rich living room, choose to paint a wall in a lemon yellow which will brighten up the room. For a color block spirit, choose red sofas.


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