A bed like a cabin for children

A bed like a cabin for children

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What child has never dreamed of transforming their bedroom into a cabin? The adventure side often associated with these wooden shelters transports toddlers to an imaginary world where games and sleeping areas are one. It's decided, to cherish our little Robinson Crusoe, we give their bed a cabin look!

A cabin under the mezzanine

Fly Converting the mezzanine into a cabin is easy. Upstairs, you don't touch the bed, but under its raised base, you have curtains that drop to the floor to create a play area. Only a window cut out of the textile allows prying eyes to see what the little princesses are preparing in their hiding place ...

Sleep in a tent

Ikéa Hiding in a warm refuge, that's what the cabin spirit evokes. Here is a variant with this tent placed above the bed! Children will have the pleasure of falling asleep under a magic roof! Even better, if the tent is blue and dotted with stars, their imagination will take them into the great outdoors.

The roof of the huts above the bed

La Redoute Capped with a cabin roof, the bed transforms into a restful and peaceful refuge where the young ladies can tell secrets between friends and hide their treasure in the drawer built into the box spring.

A real cabin in the room

Leroy Merlin Here, no bed tent or furniture to evoke the cabin spirit! A section of wall revealing a pretty square opening as a window separates the sleeping area from the rest of the bedroom as if it were a small living space in its own right. A funny idea, easy to implement under the eaves or with curtains!


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