A shower instead of a bathtub

A shower instead of a bathtub

Do you want change or advice? Here are our tips for a successful bathroom, all with pretty practical showers and design. Spa, comfort, decoration… you have fun in the bathroom.

Glass panel

Paragraph We do not forget to separate the shower from the rest of the room with a shower panel. And we choose one with an anti-fog treatment, more practical on a daily basis.

Pure lines

Ikéa The walk-in showers, including a shower without a floor-standing basin, give a designer look to the room. We do not break the lines of the room and the shower then becomes more discreet.

Decorative curtain

Ikea With a shower, you have to think about protecting the rest of the room from splashes. A glass or plexiglass panel can be a solution. But a waterproof curtain changes regularly and allows you to renew your decor each time: patterns, graphics, plain ... everyone has their curtain.

Small space

Ikea The advantage of the shower over the bathtub is the space saving. Indeed, on average a shower takes half the space of a bathtub. Convenient for small spaces.

Cornelian choice

Ikéa You cannot choose between a shower and a bathtub. If you have room, take both! You combine the advantages of the fast and practical shower every day and the perfect bathtub for moments of relaxation.

Double shower

Leroy merlin For lovers who cannot leave each other for more than a few minutes, there are showers for two people. You lose the advantage of saving space but save time in the morning when you both start at the same time.

Spa at home

Leroy merlin Tired or stressed? We have fun with a spa shower at home. Jets, pressures, settings and temperatures all to relax you after a long day at work.

Comfort underwater

Mobalpa For even more comfort we can consider installing a bench in your shower. Convenient for people with reduced mobility or for those who like to take their time underwater, without getting tired.


Mobalpa We customize the bathroom for a few euros with decorative or funny stickers. We choose it in the same tones as the tiling or the accessories for a harmonious bathroom.