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The children's room is doing its circus

The children's room is doing its circus

Do they love going to the circus? From now on, it is directly in their room that they will be able to witness the colorful, festive and playful atmosphere specific to this funny universe. The decorative recipe, here it is in 10 steps. Make way for the show!

… Or a marquee canopy!

D'Home Productions If it is too small to enjoy a play tent, it is with a canopy like this that the "circus tent" style will be planted. Sleeping below is even better!

Add star bean bags worthy of circus numbers…

Ikea To make a nod to the circus acts, we adopt without regret two or three fluffy, colorful and starry beanbags. Nothing like clowning!

… And multicolored balloons as a super fun mobile

Ikea In line with the special clown accessories, we also vote for this mobile in the shape of a bouquet of balloons of all colors!

Take out the colorful harlequin patterns…

Ikea And now, the clown's favorite costume. Namely, triangular patterns tinged with freshly acid colors, red, yellow, blue, green or orange. Enough to sparkle good humor with the bed ...

… Or black and white

My Little Day The so-called "harlequin" patterns can also be played more sober. In black and white, they display a very sophisticated "circus" decor that gives us ideas.

Invite giant hoop ...

Ikéa In terms of acrobatics, animal jumping or juggling, colored hoops are an integral part of the circus universe. Result: we in turn claim for the toddlers' room to divert them as a toy or decorative accessory. Demonstration with this mosquito net canopy supported by an XXL hoop!

… And swing in their room

The Collection Who says swing under a tent, says spectacular acrobatics! So even if the goal is much wiser in the toddler's room, we think, why not, to bring in this ally of play generally reserved for the garden.

Fill up on the bed with animals…

Ikéa Elephants, lions, parrots, horses, giraffes ... The animal companions of the circus form a real Noah's ark. It is up to us to pass it on to their room, pattern version on bed linen or plush version!

… And whimsical garlands above their heads

Ikéa It remains to spin a fanfare of garlands in the heights of the room to finish animating the children's room with the patterns, colors, cheerfulness and frenzy of the circus…