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Back to school: 10 pretty office supplies

Back to school: 10 pretty office supplies

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Back to school! To avoid the blues of the holidays and start the year on a high note, let's start by getting equipped! has put together a nice selection of supplies to enhance your office. You just have to crack!

Cute little cats

Audrey Jeanne Do you like very sweet and cute little cats? You will fall for Audrey Jeanne's creations. We are under the spell of his little black and white notebooks that we leave prominently on the desk. Sure it will cause a sensation! 4.90 euros

A stamp to personalize your mail

Nuukk The current trend is "handmade", so we succumb to this cloud-shaped stamp that will accompany your letters or that will magnify a somewhat banal notebook. 15 euros

To not forget anything

My Little Stationery To do list! This year, it's decided, we don't forget anything! And to make it easier, we adopt without further delay one of these small notebooks provided for this purpose. 10 euros

To note your decorative inspirations

Submicrocosm Back to school makes you want to change? That's good, we have found a small notebook that fits easily in the bag and in which you can write down all your ideas. 7.60 euros

Unique pencils

Amanda Catherine Des To make your office look the best this year, bet on crayons that don't look like your neighbors'. We love these models with positive messages and a fresh and trendy color. 9.10 euros

An original kit

My Shop Happy Home We love this little kit that can be opened completely thanks to a pressure system. The plus: its indigo color which will give pep to your office! 12 euros

Small ceramic pots

Lightandladder We often lack small storage on the desk to slide paper clips or staples. With these ceramic pots, you can clean up in an instant, or plant some cacti for decoration. 24 euros

A decorative calendar

iSkelterProducts We love this perpetual calendar with a rather unique organization. We install it as quickly as possible to be up to date on the desktop! 26 euros

A notebook for large projects

OHNORachio Big projects in perspective this year? Here is the book you need! We love its natural look with a kraft blanket that will blend in with the decor of any office. 13 euros


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