Flashy decor for children

Flashy decor for children

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If the flashy does not channel the energy, it electrifies in beauty the decor of our cherubs, often considered too wise. Here are 10 more or less balanced atmospheres (rising in crescendo) which show the example.

Flashy in detail

Fat Morning Another possibility to adopt the flashy at very low doses? Use slender patterns. These bed covers, simply topped with yellow or neon orange stars, are proof of this.

Flashy solo

Serendipity In a room dressed in soft, neutral and natural colors, it is good to awaken the atmosphere with a piece of furniture, one. Demonstration with this bed with bars, which, thanks to its flashy pink color, energizes the space in beauty without rushing it.

Flashy in borders

AM.PM In a white white room, only the bed linen was allowed to release the color. But not over the entire length! Highlighted in borders only of yellow and neon pink, it electrifies this cloudy haven of peace in all subtlety. Trendy style guaranteed.

Flashy to shave the wall

Goal At the intermediary between a flashy mini note and the total look, we think of using a section of wall! Thus, furniture and accessories do not change their outfit: it is one of the four facades of the room that takes care of twisting the whole.

Flashy in the dark

AM.PM In a room painted black, the flashy is doubly tolerated because it is he who illuminates the room! We do not hesitate to decline it, from the bed to the walls, using stencils "letters and numbers" for example ...

Flashy in a coat

AM.PM Here, the flashy little touches only go through the bed linen! A dressing sometimes yellow, sometimes green or blue which does not fail to happily twister the room of the toddlers.

Flashy mastered

Ikéa Flashy colors and glamorous patterns ranging from glasses to star smiles: this is a child's room that is bursting with energy while maintaining control. Because here, the balance between white, prints and colors does not fall into the too much. Subtle!

Flashy in abundance

Fly Brilliantly contrasting with the sobriety of the walls, multiple flashy elements took possession of the space. Cushions, benches, coffee table, frames, chair and trinkets: all have only one goal, to create a good ambient mood!

Flashy in total look

Ikéa There are only the sets playing the dancefloor and star lodge to dare the total flashy look, see fluorescent! Curtains on the walls, floor to bed linen, everything is there. DJ music!