10 ideas for a second-hand dining room

10 ideas for a second-hand dining room

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Notice to early risers and lovers of garage sales, the flea market style is essential in the dining room! Vintage chairs, craft tables and old weathered buffets have fun creating a setting full of charm and authenticity. A return to values ​​that will be appreciated by everyone at lunch or dinner.

Total flea market look

Maisons du Monde If you like the flea market style, don't be afraid to dare from floor to ceiling in the dining room. Old factory suspensions, a patinated wooden country table, an old apple crate create a most charming setting. How do you like it ?

An old style buffet

La Redoute Indispensable piece of a flea market style dining room: a large buffet with old lines and traditional shell handles. For decoration, keep it simple by sliding on old advertising posters and old glass bottles.

A weathered console

Maisons du Monde The charm of the old does its work in this dining room thanks to this very pretty console with a patinated appearance. The baskets hold the napkins and tablecloths while the daily dishes are placed on the upper shelf. Old glass jars are enthroned on the top of the cabinet for the decorative touch.

An old shop window

Ikea Ambiance cabinet of curiosity in this dining room which has dared a cute display case to display its dishes. Combined with natural furniture, and a crate used in flower pots, the flea market decoration is there.

A country house style buffet

Tikamoon To give your dining room a flea market atmosphere, bet on a beautiful and large white wooden buffet. What we like about this model: the rough wooden top that recalls the old furniture of family houses.

A vintage map of France

AM PM Small decorative detail that makes all the difference in this second-hand dining room: an old map of France that sets the tone once fixed to the wall.

An old craft table

Maisons du Monde With its old colorful bistro chairs, this dining room has a very authentic flea market look. Most of the decor: a beautiful and imposing wooden and metal table.

An old dresser

Maisons du Monde Our favorite for this large dresser which sits proudly in this dining room flea market. One exhibits there his prettiest crockery unearthed on a garage sale or in the granny cellar.

Patinated white paint

Maisons du Monde To give a flea market style to your dining room, consider installing weathered or weathered furniture. So that the decor is not too overloaded, we prefer a table and a white dresser and we accessorize small retro decorative objects such as an old crate and a Jeanne lady.


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