Weekend in Alsace on the road to the Christmas markets

Weekend in Alsace on the road to the Christmas markets

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We must already think of the Christmas holidays which are fast approaching! Why not take advantage of the opportunity to purchase gifts to offer you, from the beginning of December, a magical weekend in the country where the traditional Christmas spirit is so well cultivated that you will have the impression of discovering a magical kingdom and delighted. Illuminations, songs, tales and legends will accompany you throughout your stay ... Welcome to the Christmas market route in Alsace!

Natural softness at Auberge Frankenbourg

Auberge Frankenbourg But if you prefer an equally elegant but more natural style, it is rather near the Auberge Frankenbourg in La Vancelle that you will have to stop. In the rooms, you touch and breathe the wood. The colors, the materials used, the mottled decoration inspire relaxation and serenity. Simplicity, softness and modernity for a soothing stay.

In Strasbourg…

CRTA - Zvardon The oldest Christmas market in Alsace is that of Strasbourg: it was born in 1570! Follow the light path through the city which will lead you to the cathedral, at the foot of which is the most famous market. But do not confine yourself to the only visit of this one: the market of the Alsatian flavors awaits you Place des Meuniers, the market of Bredle (the small cakes of Christmas of the Alps!) Place d'Austerliz, the "Christkindelsmärik", Place Broglie… and many more!

In Colmar…

PSN - Betsch You will be dazzled by the bright decorations of the facades, small chalets, throughout the city, throughout your discovery of the Christmas markets of Colmar. In the various places, craftsmanship is in the spotlight: master glassmakers, cabinetmakers, sculptors, art jewelers ... Enough to make pretty gifts at Christmas! For children, it will be paradise in Little Venice: toys, rides, automata, giant box to write to Santa Claus and many other surprises that will make them dream!

In Kaysersberg…

CRTA - Meyer At Kaysersberg Castle overlooking the medieval city, you will discover a most authentic Christmas market. Bredle, mannale, berawekas to taste; pottery, decorative objects and wooden toys, jewelry to offer; illuminations on the windows of half-timbered houses and Christmas carols concerts at the Saint-Croix church…

In Mulhouse and Ribeauvillé…

CRTA - Meyer Also, don't forget the beautiful Christmas market in Mulhouse - the country of textile industrial know-how since the 17th century - with its Christmas fabric created on occasion to decorate the city center. And for those who are fond of history, go to Ribeauvillé, an ancient medieval city, for a market with a typical atmosphere of the Middle Ages. You will not be disappointed with the entertainment that takes place there: storytellers, fire jugglers and troubadour songs!

Alsatian and cosmopolitan cuisine at Restaurant Frankenbourg

Auberge Frankenbourg If you have taken up residence at Auberge Frankenbourg, you will also have discovered its very good restaurant there, and if not, come and discover it! Modern and natural decoration where wood predominates making the atmosphere sober but warm. As for the cuisine, it is certainly Alsatian but open to the world, creative, refined, tasty ...


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