A flue-free city chimney

A flue-free city chimney

Philippe Sidelsky, interior designer, considers the fireplace as an essential element in the layout of a living room. With the Ecosmart Fire brand, he imagined an elegant, classic and contemporary chimney without flue and easy to install. Discover the steps in pictures.

Place the fireplace

Ecosmart Fire ### Once the fireplace is selected, insert it into its location so that it takes its place in the living room. Be aware that it is not necessary that the fireplace is fully inserted because you can then create a decorative effect.

Use a base stone

Ecosmart Fire ### To dress the lower part of your fireplace, opt for a designer stone base offered by the Ecosmart Fire brand. This type of element will allow you to combine comfort, security and aesthetics.

Create a formwork

Ecosmart Fire ### To finish the fireplace, you can create a formwork to paint that will enhance the fireplace and allow you to bring your personal touch in terms of decoration. You can for example paint it in the color of your choice.

Add the burner

Ecosmart Fire ### Finally place the burner of your choice in its dedicated space and attach the static fire screen supplied with the chimney. Then you just have to enjoy the fireplace in your living room!