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A very natural stay to welcome spring

A very natural stay to welcome spring

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As soon as spring arrives, the desire is felt to live outside, but it is not always possible. So to welcome sunny days, you can give a natural style to your stay. Here are some ideas.

Natural materials

Goal ### Play on natural materials to give your decor a seaside atmosphere. Use wood for furniture and reeds for decorative accessories. Complete the whole with decorative objects reminiscent of pebbles like a carpet or a lamp.

Wood, the centerpiece of the living room

Fly ### Choose light wood for your home furnishings. You can create a matching game between the living room furniture, the dining room table and the doors to the other rooms.

Color Alliance

Fly ### Combine the color of the wood with another color that evokes the earth like black for example. Bet on pure and original forms which will recall the simplicity of nature.

Natural colors

Fly ### To give a natural style, bet on soft colors like off-white, beige, twine which go particularly well with wood. Bring a vegetable atmosphere by choosing a pattern with stylized plants.