The incredible discretion of the office area in pictures

The incredible discretion of the office area in pictures

Having an office area at home to work when we want is great. But that it almost disappears from view thanks to fine and clever furniture, it's even better! With clever illustrated ideas, discover how to invest a workspace at home in all discretion and losing as little space as possible.

An ultra-clean office

Ikea No need to hide the desk to make it discreet, you just have to choose the right furniture by choosing a desk with clean and discreet lines like this model which takes on the appearance of a table or console for a decorative living room.

An office integrated into its shelves

Ikea Why not slide your desk into the heart of your wall shelves? The storage then takes precedence over the desk and the look almost no longer distinguishes the workspace.

An old fashioned secretary

Maisons du monde If you like traditional furniture, you will love the traditional secretary desk. With these numerous storage spaces, it allows you to organize yourself but above all to make everything disappear at the end of the day thanks to a flap that closes the desk.

A desk in her wardrobe

Maisons du monde Adopt a piece of furniture two in one! This beautiful wardrobe will thus welcome your office thanks to a tray that opens and closes to reveal the workspace. No one will suspect that the cupboard contains a desk if you are not at work.

A library office

Alinea In a studio or in any living room which accommodates an office, play the card of discretion by choosing an integrated office within a library. The eye will then focus on the shelves and the desk will be perfectly integrated into the room.

An office that turns into a console

Alinea This clever piece of furniture allows you to give a console air to your desk at the end of the day by hiding all your belongings in the sliding tray. A discreet tip but also space saving!

An office with maximum storage

Alinea Look closely! This storage unit is nothing but an office. There are so many storage spaces that the office becomes a detail of this clever piece of furniture.

A tray of a shelf

Alinea Here again, the desk is discreet, letting the gaze be captured by the storage. Not only is it practical, it is also very decorative and perfect for a living room or bedroom.

A magic buffet

Alinea This sideboard is really nothing magical, it is just very practical with its desk hidden in a niche of the furniture. Once closed, the buffet only suggests storage space.

A wall secretary

Harto Even more discreet and space-saving: the secretary who attaches to the wall and then presents himself as a storage cupboard when it is closed. A real compact office for those who lack space.

An office in the entrance is possible

Ikea Thanks to this small secretary desk, you will be able to dress your entrance with a nice piece of furniture without suggesting that it is an office thanks to the secretary option and its modular panel which allows you to close the workspace. .

An invisible office

Direct Design When you close all the doors of this desk, you cannot guess that it is a workspace, we think rather of a compact storage unit and this is also the case! Convenient !

The all in one office

La Redoute Discret this piece of furniture offers you a complete desk with its flap tray but also these numerous arrangements which will allow you to store your files and other papers in all discretion.

A sleek shelf

La Redoute A shelf-style desk, here is a decorative trend with a Scandinavian look that we love for the discretion of its workspace but also for its graphic potential in our decoration.

A console desk

La Redoute You just need a work plan? Then adopt this beautiful desk on only two feet that you will attach to the wall. It seems so light that it will be very discreet in your interior but with style!

An office in your TV cabinet

La Redoute Play the multifunctional card by adopting a wall-mounted TV cabinet that allows you to place your TV but also a library, storage spaces and even an office.

A shelving desk

La Redoute An office furniture shelf to be fixed in height and here is your workspace installed discreetly since it takes up no floor space! Remove the stool, close the tray and you will not be able to guess that it is a desk.

An office for small space

Sam Baron Are you short on space and need to set up your desk in the bedroom? Adopt a wall secretary who will take up little space and use the bed as a seat.

A foldable desk

Eno This funny object is nothing but an office. You just have to unfold the work plan during the day to benefit from a desk and fold it all at the end of the day to save space.