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20 sofa ideas for small spaces

20 sofa ideas for small spaces

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Opt for a chaise longue


In a small living room, it is sometimes difficult to fit a comfortable sofa. Prefer a chaise longue on which you can sit or lie down to enjoy your reading corner or simply rest. Classic, baroque, industrial or Scandinavian: today you can find models in every imaginable style!

A small girly sofa


Do you want a boudoir-style lounge? Fall for this resolutely feminine powder pink sofa! Its integrated cushion ensures maximum comfort while its wooden feet give it a Scandinavian style. Accessorize everything with worked cushions and a coffee table with compass wooden legs.

Choose a colored sofa


To enhance a small space, consider choosing colorful furniture. A pop green armchair, a yellow sofa or even an electric blue chair will wake up the space and enlarge it visually. Similarly, a super thick shaggy carpet is sure to bring warmth to a living room in XS mode.

Create visual harmony in a U-shaped living room


The trick to furnish a small U-shaped living room with a nice sofa? Choose a superb but small corner sofa that will perfectly match the shapes of the room for a tailor-made effect. Ideal for people who have small spaces but who like to receive!

A compact but comfortable sofa


It is not because you cannot install a four-seater sofa in your living room that you should neglect the comfort of your seat. Bet on a comfortable and soft two-seater model to curl up in a plaid on winter evenings!

Have a bench seat with integrated storage


To save space and optimize space, this bench has storage drawers where you can store remote controls and video game controllers, linens and magazines. It is ideal in a studio or in a room under the eaves.

Opt for a dark seat


In a bright and well-lit room, you can play on contrasts by opting for a retro sofa or bench in navy blue or black tones, provided you energize the space with colorful decorative accessories. For a small space ... but with great style!

A small garden sofa made of wooden pallets


Outside also the sofa is put forward! On a balcony, this kind of small wooden garden sofa is ideal for a drink with friends on summer evenings. It also allows you to take advantage of the outdoors to devour a book or make a phone call. Easy to create, this type of seat requires only a few pallets of salvage and a little elbow grease!

Create a cozy nest with beanbags


If you do not have room in your bedroom or living room to put large sofas but you like to receive, you can bet on the beanbags: rigid or fluid, they allow your guests to settle around a table low to good franquette without cluttering the space too much!

A bench as a sofa


Less imposing and more versatile, the bench is a good alternative to the sofa and the best friend of small spaces. To make it more attractive and have a more comfortable backrest, do not hesitate to add several cushions of different materials and colors.

Put your sofa in front of a window


A small living room needs to be well lit. Note that apart from the openings in the room, the arrangement of the furniture also contributes to the brightness of the space. If possible, install your sofa under a window so as not to partition the living room.

Differentiate the use of seats


Can't install a sofa that is too wide? Remember to multiply your seats by choosing a small sofa, an armchair and a small bench to put in the entrance for example. It will be very practical to prepare or put your shoes on before going out.

A small Scandinavian living room


The key word in a small space is and will remain light. Bet on a Nordic style with white tones, wooden furniture and touches of gray as with this small sofa and this matching armchair. The more light, the more space you will have!

Integrate storage around the sofa


If you have chosen a narrow sofa model, it may seem a bit small in the room. Install storage on the sides of the furniture, thanks to a console or a side table, but also on the walls with open niches or shelves.

A small two-tone sofa


Here is the ideal size if you want to install a sofa in a small space. This two-three seater model will fit easily in a studio or a narrow living room. In addition, the color of the fabric is beautifully highlighted by the contrasting wooden structure of the feet. For more originality, do not hesitate to put it slightly at an angle in your room!

Furniture without boundaries


The size of a sofa is measured by the number of people it can accommodate. This pastel-colored model has a seat in one piece, which makes it look larger.

The trick? Add glass coffee tables to let in more natural light and further visually enlarge the space.

Play on monochrome


Another tip to visually enlarge a small room with a small sofa: play on tone on tone (here with gray) to create visual harmony. The space becomes stylish and deeper without any effort on your part!

Play on color contrasts


Boost your interior with a sober sofa, but colorful furniture and pops of color in your decor. This will immediately energize a small space and give you the impression that your living room is a little larger than it actually is.

A sofa with patterned cushions


Whatever the size of your sofa, pair it with patterned cushions to occupy the eye and increase the feeling of space. Combined with light or white furniture, this type of arrangement brightens up a small living room in the blink of an eye!


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