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A corner unit to save space in the bathroom

A corner unit to save space in the bathroom

Tired of being cramped in your bathroom? Save space with a corner unit! Functional and clever, corner furniture makes it possible to optimize a space that is often lost or badly exploited. WC, sink, vanity unit, bathroom cabinet ... the furniture and sanitary equipment designed for the corners of the bathroom will not stop surprising you! offers you 10 well-thought-out solutions adapted to small areas. Get inspired!

Coordinated sanitation facilities

Espace Aubade We often think of saving space in terms of furniture, forgetting the sanitary equipment which is also available in a corner version. WCs, washbasins, sinks, quarter-round showers ... are very practical for filling in empty corners!

Exploit every corner

Ikea This mini bathroom is almost like made-to-measure as its surface is optimized. Each accessory naturally finds its place, and the corners are cleverly occupied by shelves. The ubiquitous white visually enlarges the room, which remains clear and fresh.

Building games

Castorama The latest addition to Castorama, this funny vanity unit has been specially designed for small spaces. Its triangular shape is modulated in different ways and offers the possibility of a double sink, even in a small bathroom.

Perfect configuration

Lapeyre This Lapeyre designed bathroom is a perfect illustration of a small, functional and well-appointed bathroom. The walk-in shower placed in the corner of the room offers all the comfort and space necessary for the toilet, while the mini one cabinet and its three compact drawers house the beauty products occupying only one small area.

The corner hand basin

Espace Aubade Ideal for mini bathrooms (less than 5m2), the corner hand basin performs its function while serving as smart storage for toiletries. We like its discreet and timeless look, which blends perfectly with the tiling and the designer WCs.


Espace Aubade Just because your bathroom is small does not mean that it should be neglected. Like the rest of the house, it has the right to its share of fantasy and decoration! Favorite for these two orange elements which energize the angles and bring a little freshness to the neutral base of the surrounding decor.

Remember to occupy the walls!

Leroy Merlin Vanity and medicine cabinets are now available in a triangle version to adapt to the corners of your bathroom, just above the sink. This additional storage - not negligible in a small room - can match your vanity unit or on the contrary be chosen in a completely different style for an unexpected decorative effect.

Maxi format, mini space

Espace Aubade This ingenious double bathtub signed Espace Aubade proves that we can benefit from all the comfort despite a limited space. Its very designer bevelled rectangular shape offers a comfortable place for two adults while occupying a minimum of floor space.

Design my love

Idea Group Seeking to save space at all costs does not mean sacrificing the aesthetics of your bathroom! The proof with this magnificent vanity unit and its very designer mineral curves. We love the purity and minimalism of this set signed Idea Group!