Furniture spreads the word

Furniture spreads the word

Furniture almost becomes dictionaries. While the Vipp trash for Merci clearly displays its definition, the But boxes show us all the colors and the laundry bags play the card of humor. A quick overview of the creations that carry definitions with them.

Customizable lamp

B2P This time the lamp does not give its own definition, you do it. We then write on it what "lamp" means, or a word to warn of its return time or the shopping list. It's your choice !

Colors and household linen

Spoiler We are betting on the back-to-school trend: color. Associated with household linen, this one even gives us the instructions to follow to be in tone: colors - colors in English.

Color box

Goal The Goal boxes show us all the colors. Here they display the tone in black and lime green, to bring the colors from the outside to the inside.

Nice gift A gift wrap that adapts to everyone is the secret of this packaging. Based on the hidden words model, we circle what we want to say in order to always find the right words.


Fly On the breakfast table or at coffee time, you take out your best pots. Tea, sugar and coffee are contained in these pretty jars which display their own definition.

Laundry bag

Ferm Living My dirty laundry, including "my dirty laundry", is printed directly on this canvas bag that you hang in the bathroom or laundry room. Next to the washing machine, it becomes a real ally of home decoration.

We write on the walls

Leroy merlin No need to prevent the little ones from coloring the walls, today we allow ourselves. Thanks to a black painting which has the same qualities as blackboards from our childhood, we write and erase as we please.

Explanatory sticker

Maginea If passing by in your corridor you have a doubt on what it is, more panic. With an explanatory sticker you will find the exact terms that define this space and a quote from André Malraux. Deco appointment insured.

Love on the walls

Not on the high street Above the baby's bed, we tell him of his love with a Love sticker. A personal definition but very gentle!