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How to bring green into the house?

How to bring green into the house?

Green does not stop being trendy in the house! Reassuring and soothing, it not only evokes nature but also brings a certain dynamism to your interior thanks to its rather lively tone. But if green is a color you like, you don't always know how to use it. So to inspire you, here are 10 ways to use it around the house.

Green plants

Ikea For a little green in the room, nothing like a plant! We then put on varieties of beautiful sizes and we will not hesitate to accumulate them in one and the same place to accentuate the green effect.

Green chairs

Ikea Fancy a touch of originality in the house? Simply place two green chairs in your decor. You can do a little reminder with a colored vase and some plants.

Pop version green chairs

Fly And for even more originality, we put on four green chairs to install in an interior that already has colors in order to highlight a pop style decoration that will not lack pep.

A green sofa

Ikea If you want to go even further, do not hesitate to bet on larger pieces! Why not opt ​​for a green sofa, for example, which will be the centerpiece of your living room?

Cushions on the sofa

Dulux Valentine Conversely, if you want to give style to your sofa without opting for an XXL room, bet on a few cushions that you will have on your seat to wake it up.

A green carpet

La Redoute And to give the illusion of a square of grass in your interior, why not opt ​​for a small green carpet that you slip under a small table.

Small furniture

La Redoute You will easily find small occasional furniture in a pretty green that you can install in the living room, an entrance hall or any other room. For example, a green document holder will be very decorative with a gray armchair.

A green wallpaper

Ikea Know that wallpaper also works to bring green into your interior. You can opt for a section of wall with a vegetable wallpaper which will give an exotic atmosphere to the house.

Tableware in green

Paragraph A table also the green works well! You can use it as well for tablecloth as for tableware to give a style that is both natural and dynamic to your table decoration.