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Sewing mannequins parade around the house

Sewing mannequins parade around the house

After the fashion stores and offices, the sewing mannequin seeps into the decor to dress it up with a very feminine touch. Coat rack, jewelry holder or simple decorative accessory, one thing is certain, this trendy nod will not go unnoticed in the bedroom or in the hallway, especially since there is something for all styles ...

Metal mannequin

Maisons du Monde ### Displaying lightness and elegance, this graceful silhouette in worked metal wire perfectly complements the decor of a romantic style bedroom. Any more ideas? Hang a small shoulder bag or an evening clutch to accentuate its feminine look.

Coat rack mannequin

Maisons du Monde ### enthroned majestically in the entrance hall, this standing mannequin acts as an extraordinary coat rack. While you put your jacket and bag on it, you can read on its bust "100% hand-sewn haute couture house, founded in 1906". Or how to underline the authenticity of this essential accessory in the world of fashion.

Lycra mannequin

Paragraph ### The real sewing mannequin is made of polystyrene so that accessories can be easily pinned, and is covered with a lycra cover for a more aesthetic appearance. It's up to us to customize it with all our small accessories - brooches, necklaces, scarves ... - for a decorative, feminine and trendy result!

Linen mannequin

Maisons du Monde ### With its linen-clad bust and pretty beige color, this model is perfectly suited for an interior with natural accents or filled with softness.