Table decor like in Barcelona

Table decor like in Barcelona

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Welcome to Barcelona, ​​the cultural and artistic cradle of Spanish culture where tradition and modernity coexist in a joyful profusion of explosive colors and materials arousing a thousand desires, and putting all the senses in the spotlight!

A jumble of colors

Rouge Garance Barcelonians are definitely not cold in the eyes. Where the Nordic countries favor soft colors and a sober and refined design, they superimpose the colors without an ounce of hesitation. Bold and explosive colors in perfect harmony with the effervescence, the creative and enchanting bubbling of this beautiful capital.


Monoprix Boldness and fantasy are essential components of the cultural identity of Barcelona, ​​so for a table decoration with Catalan accents we will not hesitate to mix patterns and materials. Stripes, dots, stripes in different sizes and colors.


Linvosges Lunches in the sun will not fail to spice up this striped line with warm and delicious colors, which is reminiscent of the lively and spicy atmosphere that reigns in Barcelona.

Elegant elegance

Alexandre Turpault Inspired by the barbaric jewelry of the year 1000 and the technique of inclusions, this pretty plain linen tablecloth will be a sensation on your table decoration. Between rusticity and elegance, his style, a bit Catalan, immediately immerses us in the heart of the Barcelona of yesteryear.


Julie Ausiau Find the spicy flavors of tapas, the festive atmosphere of Spain, the effervescence of the Barcelona nightlife and the Mediterranean warmth with this pretty tableware with vitamin colors. Change of scenery guaranteed!


Guy Degrenne The history of Spain is marked by the weight of the Muslim influence from which they borrowed, a few centuries ago, geometric patterns. Lovers of graphic prints, do not hesitate to use and abuse these patterns which will certainly give your table a Catalan touch.


Pascal Dumoutier A real invitation to travel and a change of scenery, this 100% Catalan table will not leave you indifferent! We love the richness of the colors and the fans arranged here and there which are reminiscent of this sublime Andalusian dance that is flamenco.

Between custom and tradition

Couleurs Catalane Revive all the history of Spain on its table: its customs and customs by decorating your festive table with a table runner decorated with characters in traditional Catalan costume.

Chic and timeless

Guy Degrenne Because the emblematic colors of Spain are yellow and red, we do not hesitate to combine the two by opting for a beautiful yellow tablecloth and elegant red plates.


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